Toronto Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Competitive Analysis


We compare your business with your competitors. This allows us to determine where you stand among your competitors and how far you have to do.

Keyword Analysis


We combine our efforts and determine what keywords you want to target. We review each keyword meticulously to determine what will work best for your business.

On-Page Audit


An extensive review is done on your site. We perform various tests to identify what on-page SEO items need to be completed in order to maximize results.

Monthly Reporting


very month we review the progress made so far to your SERP. We promote transparency and with these monthly reports you get nothing less.

Benefits of Using Our Search Engine

Optimization Agency Toronto


The benefits of harnessing the power of search engines are vast – you’d be here all day if we listed them all. Instead, let’s look at the main benefits that coincide specifically with your business goals.

Increase Your Presence in Search Engines
Infusing your marketing strategy with search engine optimization techniques will directly impact your presence within search engines. In an essence, our SEO marketing services in Toronto will fill your website with the type of content Google wants to provide to your target audience. By matching your content with the keywords being searched for in search engines, your brand will appear in the result pages when potential leads look for the very things your brand has to offer. This allows you to increase your organic presence and rapport so that your target audience is compelled to find and try the goods and/or services you offer.


Increase Traffic and Increase Conversations



Great news! As your business builds online recognition within the search engines, you will experience a significant increase in traffic going to your website – traffic from customers who are already searching and interested in what your business offers. By using SEO techniques that coincide with your brand and customers, you’re able to make your website appear as an option to your target audience which not only increases your website’s traffic but also, the more traffic from your target audience, the more likely they are to convert. Thus, creating a powerful cycle of benefits – build presence, increase traffic, increase conversations.

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Personalized SEO

Our Process



By using the strategies listed on this page, as well as many others, our Toronto local SEO experts will create, execute and report a comprehensive and highly-rewarding SEO strategy for your business.

Our Toronto SEO Firm process identifies your competitors and their standings within the search engines and niche, conducts extensive research to define a highly-rewarding SEO strategy, determines any SEO tools needed for your website to maximize results, and reports on your progress each month. We promote maximum transparency within our reports to ensure that nothing stays hidden. Our monthly reports are also provided in a casual vocabulary for easy reading and understanding.

Additionally, the SEO process goes far beyond keywords and blog posts. At Ignite Digital, our Toronto SEO expert combines the best SEO marketing tactics in your strategy to ensure a plan and process that produces excellent results on a consistent basis.


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Remember, if you aren’t using the top SEO companies in Toronto, your competitors are. Make sure it’s your website that your target audience is seeing when they look on search engines for the goods and/or services your business offers.

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