Maria’s Kitchen Club Loyalty Program


Download the Kitchen Club App HERE!

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Why should you join our Kitchen Club?
Earn Points towards FREE FOOD on Every Purchase.
Be the first to know about our Members Only Promotions!
Get members only perks like a FREE Birthday Dessert!
Joining is Easy!
1. Download the app directly on your smart phone.
2. Choose how you'd like to join, and enter your information.
3. Start earning points on every purchase, and get access to Members Only Promotions!


Download the Kitchen Club App HERE!

buttons to the app store and google play store



How do I Sign Up?

  • Maria’s Kitchen Club Mobile App: Available for download from Google Play and The App Store. Maria’s Kitchen Club Mobile App allows you to earn and track your Pasta Points, place orders, view rewards, and load money onto your account.
  • Already An Eat Club Member? Current Eat Club members will be enrolled when you sign into the App with your email or phone on file.

What is our Maria’s Kitchen Club program?

The Kitchen Club Reward program is a point based plan.

You receive 1 Pasta Point for every $1 Spent. Once you reach 200 Pasta Points, you will receive a $10 Reward.

Here is a summary of our 2 main rewards:

  • Main Pasta Points Bonus Plan—Point Based: 200 points = $10 Reward. Reward expires in 180 days from earn date.
  • Birthday Reward: 1 Free Dessert of Choice. This reward triggers on the first day of your Birthday Month. If your birthday is the same month as when you sign up it will trigger as soon as it loads on the App. Valid during your Birthday Month.

What are some other facts I should know about the rewards program?

  • You cannot “bank” rewards, so once you visit any available rewards will automatically apply.
  • You do not need to make a purchase to redeem your Birthday Dessert.
  • When you sign up through our mobile app you will create a unique user name and password based on your unique email address. Your login credentials will be the same for the desktop Online Ordering site.
  • Good News: You get rewards on your orders. Not So Good News: You can only redeem one at a time 😊. So choose what best fits your mood. Only 1 Reward will be allowed on each check, and Rewards are not able to be combined with any other offer.


What if multiple guests at one table have the rewards app?

You can either choose to use 1 rewards number to receive all the points or we can do separate checks so that each guest can earn the points on the items that they purchase.

How does our Kitchen Club program work for takeout guests?

When you arrive to pick up your takeout order simply give them your email address associated with your Kitchen Club account and they will apply the Pasta Points.

Do you receive points on all Maria’s purchases?

You will earn points for ALL purchases EXCEPT for Tax, Gratuity or Gift Card Redemptions. If logged in, you will automatically receive these points when ordering on the App, Desktop, and Mobile Desktop sites.